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  • Death Penalty Challenged

    Three Somali pirates face a host of death-penalty eligible charges related to the 2011 murder of four Americans aboard the hijacked yacht Quest. Death penalty challenged in Somali pirate case Attorneys […]

  • Double Trouble

    The Somali “fixer” who has already been charged with being a ransom negotiator in the hijacking of the American yacht “Quest” has been indicted for his role in the pirating […]

  • Forced Argument

    The use of military means to free hijacked ships in the Gulf of Aden off the Somalia coast, though successful, has resulted in “retaliative” action. According to one expert a […]

  • Big Deal

    U.S. officials say they have captured their first pirate leader, an English-speaking Somali man accused of being the chief negotiator during the pirate attack on the yacht “Quest” in the […]

  • Ignorant of Crime

    A group of accused pirates have pleaded not guilty to charges over the hijacking of a yacht that ended with the deaths of four US sailors. The thirteen Somalis and a […]

  • American Sailors Captured

    Americans sailing on a yacht off the coast of Oman have been taken hostage by Somali pirates, an international maritime watchdog says. The S/V Quest, owned by a retired couple, […]