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  • Sad Death

    The master of a hijacked UAE ship has died of a brain haemorrhage. Captain Kumar suffered a stroke in captivity onboard “RAK Afrikana”, which pirates abandoned after reportedly receiving $1.2m. […]

  • Harsh Reality

    A seafarer, Sanauddin Baloch, has spoken of his time in captivity onboard “Rak Afrikana”. During his captivity he lost 20 kilograms, he suffered mental, physical and emotional torture. The ordeal […]

  • Safe Arrival

    The recently released crew of the “Rak Afrikana” has arrived safely into Mombasa. During the rescue effort “Rak Afrikana” had begun to take on water and eventually sank, the crew […]

  • Capture Roll Call

    Here are details of ships held by Somali pirates: * SOCOTRA 1: Seized on Dec. 25, 2009 in the Gulf of Aden. Yemeni-owned ship had six Yemeni crew. * ICEBERG […]