• November’s SE Asia piracy

    Armed robbery continues but piracy lower. Success and Failure for Asian Pirates in November ReCAAP ISC reports that there were nine incidents of piracy and armed robbery against ships in […]

  • Asian Piracy at Ten-Year Low

    Asian Piracy at Ten-Year Low There were no piracy incidents reported to ReCAAP ISC last week, and the period from January to October was the lowest over the last 10 […]

  • ReCAAP, MPA piracy training

    ReCAAP, MPA and Japan join forces. Anti-piracy training for veteran maritime officers Zhaki Abdullah A new training programme for experienced maritime enforcement officers, aimed at helping combat piracy and armed […]

  • Crew kidnap concerns

    ReCAAP still worried. Abduction in Sabah waters still a concerning issue By Neil Brian Joseph KOTA KINABALU: The abduction of crew members from ships in the Sulu-Celebes Sea and waters […]

  • Filipino pirates plunder tanker

    Armed robbers attack. Filipino pirates plunder products tanker ReCAAP warns ships to be vigilant in the Philippines as it releases details on yet another robbery, this time on a Chemikalien […]

  • ReCAAP suggests re-routing

    Abu Sayyaf still pose a threat to shipping. Piracy watchdog urges rerouting ships in Sulu-Celebes Sea as sailors killed With the Philippine-based terrorist group, the Abu Sayyaf, executing three Vietnamese […]

  • Asia’s Deadly Pirates

    Asia sees more kidnappings and armed robberies at sea than anywhere else in the world. Asia’s Deadly Pirates By Neil Thompson Despite genuine improvements in maritime security by Asian littoral states […]

  • K&R insurance spikes

    Ongoing attacks see increased coverage demands. Feature: Piracy spikes shipowners’ demand for kidnap and ransom insurance There is a marked increase in shipowners opting for kidnap and ransom insurance across […]

  • Kidnaps more common than cargo theft

    Hijacking less popular than kidnap. Crew abductions increasingly trump cargo theft among global piracy incidents Pirates across the world are increasingly ditching cargo theft in favour of abducting crews for […]

  • ReCAAP’s road map

    The importance of information sharing. Singapore Supports ReCAAP ISC’s Roadmap for the Future By Aiswarya Lakshmi Singapore endorsed the roadmap and strategies to strengthen Regional Cooperation Agreement on Combating Piracy […]

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