Tag: Red Sea

  • Yemen blockade takes hold

    Saudi-led coalition has banned navigation in Yemeni waters.  Yemen: Blockade of Ports Begins to Affect Shipping Activity A Saudi Arabia-backed blockade of ports in Yemen is starting to affect shipping […]

  • Int’l efforts for Red Sea security a must

    Routes must be secured.  Sisi to Salman: int’l efforts for Red Sea security a ‘must’ CAIRO: International efforts are necessary to prevent any harm against Red Sea security and international […]

  • Egypt, Saudis drill in Red Sea

    Joint naval exercise to improve ties. Egyptian-Saudi maritime maneuver underway in Red Sea CAIRO: Joint Egyptian-Saudi navy maneuver Morgan 15 is underway in the Red Sea waters of Saudi Arabia, […]

  • Houthis want to control key strait

    Key regional choke point. Houthis want to control key strait but it’s not that easy Amal Kandeel Attention is increasingly fixed on the Houthis’ advance in Yemen. Since last summer, […]

  • Houthis trying to control Bab El-Mandeb strait

    Key chokepoint in region for shipping. Houthis attempting to control Yemen’s Bab El-Mandeb strait Sana’a, Asharq Al-Awsat—Recent advances by Yemen’s Houthi movement are part of an attempt to take control of […]

  • Unrest tempers Egypt’s Suez dreams

    Ongoing militancy in Sinai and terror threats against canal. Egypt’s Suez Canal Dreams Tempered by Continued Unrest Heather Murdock Seen as a potential driver of economic recovery, Egypt’s plan to […]

  • China helps fight piracy off Somalia

    International naval forces still suppressing piracy in region.  China helps fight piracy off Somalia A senior US State Department official praised China’s efforts in global counterpiracy in the waters off […]

  • Houthis threaten Red Sea countries

    Yemen’s geographical position makes it a key player in region.  Houthis’ advance threatens Red Sea countries Walaa Hussein CAIRO — In light of the current crisis in Yemen and the […]

  • Analysts dismiss Al Qaeda threat

    Threat to attack tankers dismissed by analysts. Analysts dismiss Al Qaeda threat Maritime risk analysts in Dubai and London claim a threat by al-Qaeda to target energy transportation in the […]

  • GCC proposes joint naval force

    Idea of multi-national, regional navy gathering support. GCC proposes joint naval force Manama: The Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries are looking into establishing a joint naval force capable of defending […]