Tag: SAR

  • Northrop to unveil UAV for NATO

    New system will add maritime radar. Northrop to unveil unmanned system for NATO By KATHERINE CONNOR After three years of design and engineering work at its unmanned aerial systems hub in […]

  • Expired Pyrotechnics Supplied to Ships

    Serious concerns raised.  Expired Pyrotechnics Supplied to Ships By Yatish Yadav NEW DELHI:Even sailing in the high seas is not spared from corruption as expired pyrotechnics, an illuminating distress signal […]

  • Satphone technology comes to cell phones

    SATCase converts smartphones into sat phones. Satphone technology comes to cell phones For many, there’s nothing better than the thrill of an outdoor adventure. Unfortunately, along with every adventure, there […]

  • The migrant rescue dilemma

    The work of MOAS in migrant rescue. An alternative to shipping companies rescuing migrants? Commercial shipping companies are seriously worried about their duty to assist search and rescue operations in […]

  • Personnel Recovery: The Risk of Cuts

    Spending cuts could ultimately cost lives. Personnel Recovery: The Risk of Cutting “Insurance” Cover By Andrew Drwiega, International Bureau Chief With the reduction in general defense spending now slicing capability from […]

  • CMF in search and rescue op

    Sailors rescued after abandoning sinking ship.  New Zealand-led CTF-151 Coordinates Successful International Search and Rescue Operation Eight sailors who abandoned their sinking ship have been safely plucked from the sea […]

  • US, Vietnam Conduct SAR Exercise

    USS John S. McCain has conducted a search and rescue exercise with a Vietnam People’s Navy (VPN) minesweeper off the coast of Vietnam US, Vietnam Navies Conduct First Search and […]

  • Courageous Crew

    A cargo vessel that helped rescue 246 people has won a Lloyd’s List Global Award sponsored by Inmarsat. Courageous crew wins Inmarsat-sponsored award A cargo vessel that helped rescue 246 […]

  • Galileo Milestone

    With applications in areas as diverse as SAR, active vessel traffic management, port approach and ship-to-shore coordination, the Galileo European Navigation Satellite System is destined to play a major role […]