Tag: Somali pirate attack

  • Blow by Blow

    The full story of the rescue of the hijacked freighter “Montecristo” has emerged after a statement to the BBC by Captain Gerry Northwood regarding the role of the British Royal […]

  • Nick of Time

    The daring rescue to free a hijacked ship from the clutches of pirates arrived in the nick of time. The Royal Navy sprang into action after finding an SOS message […]

  • Express Arrival

    Twenty six sailors and a crew of a Cypriot flag ship who were abandoned by Somali pirates after their hijacked ship caught fire have safely arrived at the port of […]

  • Outstanding Bravery

    A captain who kept his crew and vessel safe despite suffering an attack from Somali pirates that nearly cost him his life will receive a prestigious annual award for bravery […]