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  • Pirates Move Towards UAE

    The percentage of merchant ships hijacked while travelling to or from ports within the Arabian Gulf rose from 33 per cent in 2010 to 40 per cent last year. Of […]

  • Pirates vs. Paper

    Former assistant to US Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, Mark V. Vlasic, on why international maritime law is key to defending the shipping sector against acts of piracy Fighting Pirates […]

  • Court Appeal

    The first piracy conviction in a US courtroom in nearly 200 years is going before an appeals court as five Somali men who attacked a Navy warship off the coast […]

  • Weather Window

    According to NATO, the high level of activity off the Somali/Kenya Border indicates this as an area of great concern to vessels, and as improved weather conditions allow, increased piracy […]

  • Insult To Injury

    Piracy is hampering the delivery of food aid to Somalia, forcing relief agencies to use aircraft or less convenient ports that lengthen delivery time, the African Development Bank’s chief economist […]

  • Up Pompei

    The first Somali to be tried for piracy in Belgium has denied all involvement in the 2009 hijacking of a Belgian frigate eventually released after payment of ransom. “I was […]

  • Iranian Success

    Iran’s Navy warships have foiled a pirate attack on an Iranian cargo ship in the Indian Ocean off the southeast coast of Somalia in the Horn of Africa. The bulk […]

  • Not Guilty Plea

    A Somali man the U.S. believes to be the highest-ranking pirate it has ever captured pleaded not guilty in federal court Wednesday to piracy, kidnapping and weapons charges. The court […]

  • Peru Piracy

    With the heightened problems around Somalia and the Indian Ocean it is often all to easy to forget the global¬†nature of maritime crime. This message was hammered home when a¬†gang […]