Tag: South China Sea

  • Disputed Islands

    Chinese State media reported today that while tensions rise with its neighbours over rival claims to the area, Beijing has sent a large fishing fleet to the sensitive Spratly Islands in the […]

  • Clinton Backs Vietnam

    U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is backing Vietnam’s efforts to resolve a dispute over mineral and fishing rights in the South China Sea. Clinton Backs Vietnamese Efforts to Resolve […]

  • Sea Code

    Cambodia says Southeast Asian foreign ministers have moved closer to agreement on guidelines for preventing territorial disputes in the South China Sea. Cambodia Says ASEAN Ministers Agree to ‘Key Elements’ […]

  • Maritime Dispute

    China’s Deputy Foreign Minister, Zhang Zhijun, summoned Vietnam’s Ambassador to China, Nguyen Van Tho, on Thursday to lodge a formal complaint over Vietnam’s claims to the Xisha and Nansha islands and adjacent waters […]

  • US and Philippines Cooperation

    WASHINGTON – The US and the Philippines said Friday they are expanding intelligence sharing and cooperation on maritime security, as President Barack Obama reiterated Washington’s desire to be viewed as […]

  • PALM 6

    As the United States seeks to put more focus in the Pacific, for the first time delegates from Washington were present at   the Pacific Island Leader’s Meeting (PALM). Pacific leader’s […]

  • Fresh Warnings

    China has issued fresh warnings to the Philippines over a month-long stand-off in the South China Sea. Vice Foreign Minister Fu Ying has said that China is prepared to respond to […]

  • Combat Readiness

    As tensions grow in the area, Taiwanese Coast guards stationed in the disputed South China Sea region are training to improve their combat readiness. Ministry reiterates mission to train coast […]

  • Tensions in South China Sea

    China sends patrol ship to protect interests in territorial waters. The move underscores Beijing’s determination to protect its maritime interests in response to Manila’s refusal to withdraw ships from ‘Chinese […]

  • 3 of 8 leave disputed shoal

    MANILA, Philippines (AP) – Three of eight Chinese fishing boats at the center of a standoff between China and the Philippines have left a shoal in the disputed South China […]

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