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  • Sri Lankan Navy Recovers 33 Parcels of Beedi Leaves at Thaulpadu Beach in Mannar

    June 04: A Naval team attached to the North Central Naval Command recovered 33 parcels of Beedi leaves at Thaulpadu beach area in Mannar, early the morning of June 04. […]

  • Pirates demand ransom

    Somali pirates return to old school ransom model. EU Naval Force Confirms Fuel Tanker Has Been Pirated off North Coast of Somalia The EU Naval Force, which is currently operating […]

  • Hostages tell of dramatic escape

    A group of sailors have described their dramatic midnight escape after four years held hostage ‘It was do or die’: Somali pirates’ hostages tell of dramatic escape DUBAI // A […]

  • MV Albedo hostages free

    Hostages escape through window to evade pirates. MV Albedo hostages free After 1288 days in captivity, the final hostages from the MV Albedo have escaped to freedom. In a twist, […]

  • Crew of hijacked Ajman ship freed

    A Sri Lankan seaman on an Ajman-based ship that was hijacked by Somali pirates two years ago has been freed, according to his country’s government. Crew of Ajman ship hijacked […]