• Integrated MOB/SAR systems

    Time for a new approach? Integrated Man Overboard SAR Systems Needed By Abdelkhalik Kamal Eldin Soliman Selmy There are many risks relating to man overboard (MOB) accidents including drowning, hypothermia, which […]

  • The Manila Amendments

    The Manila Amendments is the latest in MSR’s InDepth series, written by Nick Williams of IMSA, the full document can be accessed via the link below. The Manila Amendments: More […]

  • STCW Compliance

    STCW aims to achieve a reduction to the 80% of accidents attributable to human error. Proper training and evaluation can make a real difference and Videotel‘s newly launched STCW training […]

  • STCW Stance

    The UK Maritime & Coastguard Agency (MCA) has announced their stance with regards to maritime security operatives (guards) and STCW Basic Safety Training Courses. The MCA policy for sea-going security guards is […]