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  • ReCAAP round up

    Slight increase in incidents, year on year. ReCAAP has issued its piracy and maritime crime figures for August. Piracy and Sea Robbery Situation in Asia in August 2018 • A […]

  • Anti-piracy patrols adrift

    The Sibutu Passage between Malaysia and the Philippines has emerged as Asia’s most dangerous waterway as Islamic terror groups target seaborne trade Anti-piracy patrols adrift in terror-targeted waterway By ALAN BOYD […]

  • Sea curfew to stay

    Sea curfew to stay for now: IGP Kota Kinabalu: There are no immediate plans to end the long-standing sea curfew imposed off seven districts in the east coast of Sabah as […]

  • Filipino pirates plunder tanker

    Armed robbers attack. Filipino pirates plunder products tanker ReCAAP warns ships to be vigilant in the Philippines as it releases details on yet another robbery, this time on a Chemikalien […]

  • Boost for Sulu patrols

    Could significantly boost patrols. Singapore and Brunei may join sea patrols KUALA LUMPUR: The Trilateral Maritime Patrol (TMP) involving Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines may soon include Singapore and Brunei, […]

  • Philippines Hunt Terrorists at Sea

    Ensuring maritime security. Philippine Forces Hunt Terrorists at Sea By Noel Tarrazona As fighting between terrorists and government forces in Mindanao continues, the Philippine government has rolled out countermeasures to prevent the escape of […]

  • Joint SE Asia patrols…

    Don’t hold your breath. Hisham: Joint Sulu Sea patrols are on KOTA KINABALU: The anticipated Malaysia-Philippines-Indonesia joint security patrols in the Sulu Sea will begin in May, says Datuk Seri […]

  • Focus on the Sulu Sea

    Focus on security in Sulu Sea. Is this the most dangerous backwater in the world? Across the world there has been a decline in piracy and sea robbery, but one […]