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  • Libya sinks tanker

    Ship accused of fuel smuggling. Libyan Coast Guard Shells and Sinks Product Tanker On Friday, the Libyan coastguard shelled and sank the product tanker Goeast off Abu Kammash, Libya, near the border with […]

  • Thai tanker attacked

    Ship also boarded in 2014. Pirates hijack Thai oil tanker, make off with 1.5mil litres of diesel By T.N.Alagesh KUANTAN: A group of armed pirates hijacked a Thai oil tanker in […]

  • Palm oil tanker hit by pirates

    MMEA not calling event hijacking, even though crew lost control of vessels. Pirates abscond with RM15m of palm oil BINTULU: A tugboat (Ever Ocean Silk) and a barge (Ever Giant) […]

  • Libya detains tanker

    Vessel carrying petrol when its was detained. Tanker with 5 Russian crewmen detained off Libya A tanker with a crew of Russian, Ukrainian and Greek members was detained off the […]

  • Libyan planes attack tanker

    Second attack in recent weeks against shipping. Libyan government warplanes attack oil tanker docked at Sirte Warplanes from Libya’s official government attacked an oil tanker docked outside the city of […]

  • Panel to Review Tanker Detention

    The International maritime body IOMOU has accepted India’s petition to form a panel and investigate the detention of a crude tanker by Iran Global maritime panel to review tanker detention by […]

  • Killing of Fishermen

    …From 500 meters away, gunshots erupted from the tanker toward Quanas’s skiff and its unarmed fishermen. Two rounds pierced the water on the motorboat’s starboard side, and a third slammed into […]

  • Hijacked in Lagos

    Pirates have hijacked a Singapore-owned oil tanker in the Nigerian port of Lagos – the third attack in just over two weeks in the Gulf of Guinea, the International Maritime […]

  • Reflagging Iranian tankers

    Tanzania has said a shipping agent based in Dubai had reflagged 36 Iranian oil tankers with the Tanzanian flag without the country’s knowledge and approval. Tanzania said it was now in […]

  • Italian Target

    According to news reports, pirates seized an Italian tanker with a crew of 23 in the Gulf of Guinea on Sunday. Three pirates managed to board the vessel, “Rbd Anema e […]