Tag: Tartus

  • Russia’s Syrian push

    In a move that surprises no-oneā€¦ Russia Moves Forward with Syrian Naval Base On Monday, the Russian parliament began its review of an agreement to expand Russia’s naval logistics base […]

  • Russia to Defend Tartus

    An Interfax news report has quoted a Russian navy official as saying that two vessels are nearly ready to head for port of Tartus in Syria to protect Russian nationals […]

  • Searches and Threats

    German ship subjected to a search in Turkey was originally to have made a stop in Tartus, Syria. The owners halted the journey after receiving an email from a Syrian […]

  • Naval Partners?

    Greece desperately needs a reliable long-term source of revenue. While western investors beat a retreat, state-owned Russian and Chinese companies have gone bargain-hunting. A 30- or 50-year deal that provides […]