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  • IS: planning to use Libya as gateway

    Islamic State militants are planning a takeover of Libya. Islamic State ‘planning to use Libya as gateway to Europe’ Exclusive: Jihadists hoping to use Libya as a “gateway” to wage […]

  • Indian CG and Navy squabbled over terror boat

    Internal spat between navy and CG. ‘Terror boat’ row between Navy and Coast Guard puts India’s security at risk By JUGAL R PUROHIT It was an operation hailed as a classic […]

  • Security and Counter-Terrorism Summit underway

    Somali reps in attendance. African Security and Counter-Terrorism Summit gets underway Written by Jonathan Katzenellenbogen The growing threat of jihadist terrorism, organised crime, and other African security challenges will be […]

  • Unrest tempers Egypt’s Suez dreams

    Ongoing militancy in Sinai and terror threats against canal. Egypt’s Suez Canal Dreams Tempered by Continued Unrest Heather Murdock Seen as a potential driver of economic recovery, Egypt’s plan to […]

  • Mozambique orders interceptors

    New craft to bolster security efforts. Mozambique orders additional HSI32 interceptors Mozambique has ordered three more HSI32 interceptor boats from French company CMN, joining the three Ocean Eagle 43 trimarans, […]

  • Plot to target Iraqi port

    Concerns IS plans to target shipping. Plot to target Iraqi port indicates growing strength of armed groups around Basra EVENT Iraqi security forces seized four Katyusha-type rockets on 12 January, […]

  • Muslim Brotherhood arrests at Suez

    Concern at possible terror links. 4 MB members arrested for taking photos of Suez Canal, security services Four Muslim Brotherhood members were arrested for photographing the navigation line of the Suez […]

  • India needs to shore up maritime security

    Always room for improvement. India needs to shore up maritime security Manju Seth India as the dominant naval power has an important role to play in ensuring maritime security. This […]

  • New strategies for US Marine Corps

    Alternative maritime platforms being researched. Changing sea duty: Marines prep to deploy aboard new ships By Joshua Stewart Marines and sailors are at the center of a test that could […]

  • Terror boat sparks debate

    Debate about motives of boat continue. India’s ‘terror’ boat blast sparks debate Stephen Spark A fishing boat that reportedly exploded on 1 January when ordered to stop by the Indian […]