Tag: theft

  • Engine Spares Stolen From Anchored Bulk Carrier in Indonesia

    May 28: At approx. 18:52 UTC duty watchman on board an anchored bulk carrier at D6 berth in Cigading Port noticed two unauthorized persons in the steering gear room and […]

  • Ship Property Stolen from Crane Barge Under Tow near Tanjung Piai, Malaysia

    May 18: At approx. 08:00 UTC an unspecified number of unauthorized persons from five wooden boats approached and boarded a crane barge under tow by a tug approx. 3.4nm SSE […]

  • Ship Stores Stolen From Vessel at Nacala Anchorage, Mozambique

    May 26: At approximately 20:00 UTC duty crew on an unspecified vessel at Nacala Anchorage noticed the forward store broken into and reported this to the duty officer. An alarm […]

  • Theft Aboard Bulk Carrier at Callao Anchorage, Peru

    April 26: 0700 UTC: Posn: 12:01S – 077:13W, Callao Anchorage, Peru. Unnoticed, robbers boarded an anchored bulk carrier and escaped with ship’s stores. The theft was noticed by the duty […]

  • Theft Aboard Berthed Bulk Carrier in Casablanca

    April 01: At approx. 0600 UTC, duty officer onboard a berthed bulk carrier heard noises from the boat deck while vessel was at Berth T36, Casablanca Port in Morocco. As […]

  • Theft At Takoradi Anchorage

    March 29: On the 29th March at 02:36 UTC, three people boarded an MV (name withheld) at Takoradi port anchorage in Ghana. As soon as they were spotted by the […]

  • Fishing hit by piracy

    Attacks and incidents in local waterways are often unreported by agencies. Fishermen lament frequent attacks by pirates in A’Ibom Patrick Odey Fishermen in Ibeno, a community in Akwa Ibom State, […]

  • O&G pirates of Mexico

    They pose as fishermen to board drilling platforms, ships in Bay of Campeche Gulf of Mexico pirates new Pemex challenge As if the pipeline thieves known as huachicolerosweren’t enough, Pemex must […]

  • Yacht robbery, piracy rises

    Armed robbery and theft are major issues for yachties. Yachters fight back against real-life pirates of the Caribbean By Gemma Handy St John’s, Antigua & Barbuda Pirates who target vulnerable […]

  • Ports vulnerable to cyber attacks

    Physical strikes are not the only way to shut down a container seaport Ports vulnerable to cyber attacks as well By Patrick Burnson, Executive Editor It should come as scant […]