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  • Piracy Surge Endangering Commodities Shipping

    Pirate attacks off West Africa’s mineral-rich Gulf of Guinea have almost doubled from last year and threaten to increase the costs and jeopardise the shipping of commodities from the region […]

  • French Sailor Freed in Nigeria

    A French sailor kidnapped from a tanker in Togo when attackers sought to use him as a shield said Tuesday he has been freed in the oil-producing region of Nigeria […]

  • Growing Threat

    Piracy off the coast of Somalia has been at the centre of media attention for several years now, however, over the past few months attention has begun to shift to […]

  • Energy Centurion Released

    Pirates in Togo have released a tanker with 24 Russian crew on board after siphoning off part of the gas oil cargo, a spokesperson for the ship’s Greek company said […]

  • Moscow Confirms Kidnapping

    Russia’s Foreign Ministry has confirmed that 23 Russian citizens were on board the¬†Energy Centurion, the Greek owned oil tanker¬† hijacked off the coast of Togo Russia confirms 23 citizens on […]

  • Pirates Seize Oil Tanker

    According to the International Maritime Bureau, pirates have seized an oil tanker off the coast of Togo. Pirates Seize Oil Tanker By Mark Lowe, Maritime Security Review Noel Choong of […]

  • Security Alert

    A maritime security alert has been issued for the Gulf of Guinea following the hijacking off the coast of Togo of the products tanker Rhine. Maritime Security Alert Issued for […]

  • Smuggling Fuel by Sea

    The sea is delivering a lucrative but illicit trade in Nigerian petrol to West Africa. Legally bought in Nigeria, the fuel is loaded onto boats which sail to Togo under […]