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  • Egypt and UAE Establish Libya Naval Commando Unit To Counter Turkish Naval Interests In Mediterranean

    March 09: A special naval commandos unit made of of dozens of Libyan fighters has been setup with the help of the UAE to carry out operations against Turkey’s naval […]

  • Further Details on Feb 18 Stand-Off Attack By Opposition Forces on Libyan Port of Tripoli

    February 18: Further details have become available regarding the strike on the Libyan port of Libya last week: Three people were killed, five injured and an LPG Tanker suffered a […]

  • Italy Arrests Captain of Vehicles Carrier Over Alleged Libya Arms Trafficking

    February 21: Italian authorities have arrested the captain of a Lebanese-flagged vehicles carrier ship which was seized in the port of Genoa on suspicion of trafficking arms to Libya, including […]

  • Libya’s GNA Suspending Ceasefire Talks After Tripoli Port Attack

    February 19: Libya’s internationally recognised government has said it is suspending its participation in ceasefire negotiations hosted by the United Nations in Geneva, hours after an attack by renegade military commander Khalifa Haftar’s forces on […]

  • Eastern Libyan Forces Strike Tripoli Sea Port in New Escalation

    February 18: Eastern Libyan forces attacked the sea port of Libya’s capital on Tuesday as they targeted a Turkish vessel bringing in arms, an eastern official said, marking a new […]

  • Battle for Tripoli Escalates as Fighting Nears Libyan Capital

    April 07: On 5 April 2019, unconfirmed reports emerged which indicate that unrecognized Libyan National Army (LNA) forces advanced into Tripoli along multiple axes of approach. The reporting indicates that […]

  • Libya shuts oil ports

    Haftar handed control over to NOC in east of country. Four Libya oil ports closed amid corruption allegations Chris Stephen and Patrick Wintour Libya’s United Nations-backed National Oil Corporation (NOC) has closed […]

  • Libya CG rescues migrants

    Migrant flow continues. Libya intercepts boats carrying 850 people Libyan coastguards say they intercepted boats carrying 850 migrants trying to reach Europe on Sunday. A spokesman said the migrants from […]

  • Libya plans tanker sale

    Morning Glory to be sold. Libya plans to sell tanker used in attempt to export oil, bypassing state company BY AHMAD ELHAMY Libya plans to sell a tanker that a […]

  • People smuggling in Libya

    Smugglers operate in the open. In lawless Libya, human smuggling right out in the open ‘I never had to hide it from anybody,’ says 27-year-old smuggler, in the business for […]