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  • N Korea ‘combat posture to hit US’

    North Korea says it has ordered artillery and rocket units into “combat posture” to prepare to target US bases in Hawaii, Guam and the US mainland. The announcement, carried by […]

  • S Korea, US launch naval military drill

    South Korea and the U.S. have launched a six day naval drill in the East Sea at a time of tensions on the Korean Peninsula. S Korea, US launch naval […]

  • Sea Change

    Our nation’s [U.S.] security priorities, and our military, are in transition. In the Middle East, we ended the war in Iraq and are reducing ground troops in Afghanistan with the […]

  • Locklear Encourages U.S.-Bangladesh Ties

    WASHINGTON | Praising Bangladesh as a global model in both peacekeeping and disaster management, Navy Adm. Samuel J. Locklear III, commander of U.S. Pacific Command, told Bangladeshi leaders and reporters […]

  • Cold War in the Arctic

    The U.S. and other countries are building up their military presence in the Arctic to help exploit its riches – and protect shifting borders. As ice cap melts, militaries vie […]