Tag: United Nations

  • UN Protection

    Asian shipowners to lobby global shipping industry for support on proposal to deploy UN troops on merchant vessels to combat pirate attacks in the Gulf of Aden and Indian Ocean. […]

  • ICS View

    Writing in their brochure to celebrate World Maritime Day, the International Chamber of Shipping has focused on the issue of armed guards.

  • Downward Spiral

    The United Nations (UN) believes that the payment of multi-million dollar ransoms for the release of hijacked vessels encouraged piracy and attracted the involvement of international criminal gangs. Augustine Mahiga, […]

  • Somali Blockade

    The African Union has confirmed that the United Nations is actively considering an air and sea blockade of Somalia but gave no indication if a decision was imminent. The AU […]

  • N.Z Says N.O.

    New Zealand has turned down a United Nations request to provide a warship for piracy patrols, probably off the coast of Africa. Defence Minister Wayne Mapp said the navy had […]