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  • 2nd Annual Combating Piracy: West African Maritime Security

    Will Your Security Strategy Protect Your Offshore Assets from the Constantly Evolving Maritime Threat in the Gulf of Guinea? Minimising the impact of piracy on West Africa’s oil exports is […]

  • Saharan Express Ends

    Eleven nations have spent a week collaborating on the improvement of maritime security in West Africa’s coastal waters and practising maritime interdiction operations. Exercise Saharan Express 2012 concludes The second […]

  • Security Alert

    A maritime security alert has been issued for the Gulf of Guinea following the hijacking off the coast of Togo of the products tanker Rhine. Maritime Security Alert Issued for […]

  • Piracy increasing in West Africa

    One hundred and two incidents of piracy and armed robbery have been reported for the first quarter of 2012, with dangerously increasing numbers in West African waters, according to figures […]

  • Smuggling Fuel by Sea

    The sea is delivering a lucrative but illicit trade in Nigerian petrol to West Africa. Legally bought in Nigeria, the fuel is loaded onto boats which sail to Togo under […]

  • West African Risk

    Maritime insecurity in West Africa is fast becoming a major area of concern, particularly given the increase in piracy and armed attacks upon shipping and trade. Altogether 19 incidents of […]

  • New Hot Spot

    The modern pirates of Somalia are no swashbuckling buccaneers. They are maritime bandits, disrupting one of the world’s busiest shipping lanes and costing the global economy billions. Recently, they’ve stepped […]

  • GoG Attacks Double

    Pirate activity in the region jumped 42 percent last year as 64 ships were attacked. According to AKE’s Rory Lamrock the “Attacks are rising in frequency, happening further out from […]

  • Piracy Doubles off West Africa

    According to maritime risk company AKE the number of attacks is likely to rise further, while incidents are taking place further out to sea. Piracy doubles off West Africa LONDON – […]

  • Western Promise

    The United Nations Security Council has condemned all acts of maritime piracy and armed robbery at sea in West Africa’s Gulf of Guinea and welcomed the intention by States in […]