Bomb Disposal Drama

A potential disaster has been averted following a joint operation between the Indian Coast Guard and the police bomb disposal squad after an unexploded rocket propelled grenade launched at a cargo vessel by pirates was safely defused.

The operation was carried out in the vessel “MT Agea” in the Arabian sea, about 15 nautical miles off the Okha coast in Jamnagar district (North West India). According to officials, the Greek registered “MT Agea”, was on transit to Port Sikka from Antwerp in Belgium, when it was attacked by pirates about 400 nautical miles off the coast.

“The vessel was fired upon with arms and a rocket propelled grenade. One of the grenades hit the accommodation structure and did not explode,” they said.

A bomb disposal squad was rushed to the Okha coast where an ICG hovercraft was launched. While awaiting the arrival of the bomb team and the subsequent disposal the vessel was ordered  not to enter Gulf of Kutch and was instructed to anchor about 15 nautical miles off the coast.

“After three hours of operation, the live rocket propelled grenade was disarmed…averting a major mishap at sea. The vessel was then cleared for undertaking her passage,” the ICG officials said.

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