Tanzania Acts on Iranian Ships

Tanzania is collaborating with some friendly countries to investigate claims that there are some 17 Iranian ships that were previously registered in the Pacific Island of Tuvalu, that are flying the Tanzania flag.

Iranian tankers have been switching flag states as the United States and European Union tighten sanctions on the country over its nuclear programmes. The Minister for Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Mr Bernard Membe made the remarks in Dar es Salaam yesterday, stressing that Tanzania has de-registered 36 vessels owned by the government on Iran.

“If we prove that there are some ships from that country flying our flags we will de-register them. We will not stop there but we will also revoke the contract with the agent that registered them,” Mr Membe said in Dar es Salaam. The Zanzibar Maritime Authority (ZMA) commissioned Dubai-based agent namely Philitex to register ocean going vessels on its behalf.

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Source: Daily News, written by Alvar Mwakyusa.


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