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The EU Force Commander, Rear Admiral Hervé Bléjean, visited members of the Tanzanian military and the Dar As Salaam Maritime Information Sharing Centre.

EU NAVFOR Force Commander Visits Tanzanian Military Authorities And Dar As Salaam Information Sharing Centre

During a recent visit of the EU Naval Force Flagship to Tanzania, the EU Force Commander, Rear Admiral Hervé Bléjean, visited members of the Tanzanian military and the Dar As Salaam Maritime Information Sharing Centre.

Admiral Bléjean took the opportunity of the EU Naval Force flagship, FS Siroco’s first port visit to Tanzania to meet jointly with the EU representative in Tanzania HE Filiberto Sebregondi, the Chief of Operations and Training of Tanzanian People’s Defence Forces (TPDF) Joint Staff, Major General Kisamba and the newly appointed Tanzanian Navy Commander, Brigadier General Rogastian S. Laswai.

The meetings helped to build a better understanding of EU Naval Force operations and capacities, the EU’s comprehensive approach in helping to stabilise the region, including the EUCAP Nestor mission, with the introduction of their new liaison officer in Tanzania.

During the Force Commander’s visit to the Kigamboni Naval Base, where he met the Navy Commander, he stated: “I am very pleased to see how much EU Naval Force can rely on the Tanzanian military authorities as a regional key partner for countering piracy in Eastern Africa”.

Admiral Bléjean also commented: “The cooperation with Tanzania regarding piracy is really important in order to help set up the conditions for a safe and secured maritime environment in the area of operations. With regular local maritime training like the one performed by ITS Libeccio on 24 December or that provided by the flagship, the EU Naval Force is able to offer assistance to local authorities whenever it is required, building up a confident partnership with Tanzania”.

The Force Commander and a delegation from the Force Headquarters also visited the Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre (MRCC) and Information Sharing Centre (ISC) to get an overview of the capabilities of this new counter-piracy partner. The centre monitors Mercury (the counter piracy communication system), with the MRCC helping to monitor safety at sea in the Tanzania region.

After viewing the facilities located in Dar Es Salaam’s brand new Port Authority control tower and exchanging with the personnel on duty, he expressed to the ISC deputy director the great impression he got from the visit.

“Let me express my highest appreciation of the commitment you are performing. I salute your strong relationship with the other ISC in the area Mombasa or Saana through daily information exchanges, as well as with all the southern Indian ocean other MRCC. Mutual understanding and information sharing are the key to success for counter piracy actions in particular and safety at sea in general”.

EUCAP Nestor liaison officer, following the visit took the opportunity to initiate fruitful talks setting up strong relation for a future EU capacity building assistance.

Source: EU Naval Force.

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