Hijacked tanker makes contact

Captain of MT Fair Artemis able to contact owners following hijacking.

Hijacked tanker makes contact with owners

The Fairdeal Group has announced that they have finally made contact with their tanker. The Fair Artemis went missing on June 4th off Ghana.

Press Release

21.30 GMT 11.06.14

Fairdeal Group S.A.  can confirm that their managed vessel MT “Fair Artemis”  made contact this evening.

Fairdeal Fleet Director Mr John Gray said “We have spoken to the captain of the vessel and are delighted to say that everyone on board is safe. The families and appropriate authorities have been contacted.

“More details of events will undoubtedly become clear. So far we can say that the ship was boarded by a number of pirates, who have stolen the cargo and other items on the vessel.

“We would like to express our thanks to all the organisations who have worked to help find the vessel and for the support we have received from everyone involved”.


The release of the ship is great news, although it is interesting to note that it was apparently released just off the Nigerian coast, which could prove embarrassing for NIMASA, who proudly announced their new satellite surveillance system this week.

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