Trinidad and Tobago pirates strike

Increasing violence used by armed robbers in region.

Killer Pirates

By Ryan Hamilton-Davis

IN YET another incident of piracy in waters between Trinidad and Tobago and Venezuela, a young fisherman has been killed in a violent attack by Spanish- speaking gunmen off this country’s coastline.

Christian Steve Hernandez, a 19-yearold Las Cuevas man was shot dead by the pirates early on Monday evening and one of his colleagues remains in hospital in serious condition when he was wounded in the attack.

Hernandez was among five men who came face to face with death when they were intercepted by a vessel occupied by eight Spanish-speaking men. While three of the Trinidadian’s dived into the sea to escape a hail of bullets, Hernandez killed and another man, Roger Clement severely wounded, in a serious condition at hospital in Port-of- Spain.

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