Longshoremen in British Colombia to Vote on Strike Action

May 6: Members of International Longshore & Warehouse Union locals in British Colombia (B.C.) have been asked to vote this week in favour of strike action.

A vote in favour of a strike could mean disruption to B.C. port, cargo and container activities.

Port of Vancouver activity could be disrupted as unionized longshore workers in B.C. prepare to vote on strike action.

Workers throughout the province represented by International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU) Canada locals have been asked by the union to vote in favour of strike action after months of labour negotiations failed to yield a new contract.

ILWU Canada and the British Columbia Maritime Employers Association (BCMEA) have been bargaining since early last year. Their eight-year collective agreement expired March 31, 2018.

Among those voting will be Port of Vancouver workers – represented in ILWU Canada’s largest local – and more than 3,000 workers who help load, unload and check cargo at Fraser River docks. Longshoremen in Prince Rupert and on Vancouver Island, as well as ship and dock foremen in the Lower Mainland, are also included in ongoing negotiations with BCMEA.

“After more than 17 months since negotiations began, your negotiating committee needs your support now more than ever to get a fair deal for longshore workers,” states a letter signed by Local 500 president Rino Voci.

The vote on strike action will take place on Wednesday (May 8) and Thursday (May 9).

Source: Business in Vancouver / Haylet Woodin

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