Indian Navy Provides Armed Escorts to Oil Carriers Passing Through Strait of Hormuz

June 25: The Indian Navy is helping secure Indian crude oil carriers that pass through the Strait of Hormuz amid a heightened threat perception after a few oil tankers were attacked in the region.

Five carriers were provided armed escorts on Tuesday with Indian Navy teams mounting the carriers to ensure a safe passage as part Operation Sankalp.

Sources said, more carriers will be secured with armed teams onboard but only with the consent of the carrier owners.

Last week, Indian Navy deployed its assets in the Gulf of Oman to re-assure Indian-flagged vessels operating and transiting through the Persian Gulf and Gulf of Oman following the maritime security incidents in the region.

The region has become the focus of maritime security after the oil vessels were recently attacked. The US blamed Iran for the attacks, which took place at a time of hightened tensions between Washington and Tehran. The US has also sent its navy to the Gulf of Oman.

Indian Navy Ships Chennai and Sunayna have been deployed in the Gulf of Oman and Persian Gulf to undertake maritime security operations.

“In addition, aerial surveillance by Indian Navy aircraft is also being undertaken in the area. The Information Fusion Centre – Indian Ocean Region which was launched in December 2018 at Gurgaon, is also keeping a close watch on the movement of ships in the Gulf region,” the Navy had said in a statement earlier.

Two advisories were also issued on June 13 and 16 to all Indian-flagged vessels operating in the Strait of Hormuz and Persian Gulf Region advising them to undertake appropriate protection measures.

Source: India Today / Abhishek Bhalla

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