Container Attacked Approx. 71 nm Off Lagos, Nigeria

January 19, 20:10 UTC: A vessel, likely ATLANTIC DISCOVERER (IMO #9243590), was reportedly attacked by up to eight persons 71nm offshore from Lagos after she departed Tema, Ghana in approx. posn. 0508.3N 00217.9E. The vessel was reportedly headed towards Tin Can Island, Nigeria. There are UNCONFIRMED reports that a duty officer spotted two unauthorized persons on the main deck near the bridge, resulting in the attacked vessel employing countermeasures including upper deck lighting, increasing speed, and that the crew “locked themselves in”.  The two persons onboard reportedly fled the vessel and departed. All crew aboard the ATLANTIC DISCOVERER are reportedly accounted for.

Targeted vessel reportedly adrift for approx. 5 hours post event (cause not known).

There are additional UNCONFIRMED reports of a small craft spotted on the starboard side of the vessel with five or six persons onboard and a long ladder, which may be where the two persons onboard fled back to. However, it is likely that this latter report of the five or six persons in fact relates to a separate incident (January 20; 57nm east of Lagos).

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