Private Security

  • AdvanFort charges quashed

    Court quashes charges against 35 crew. Court sets free crew of armed US ship, says they came for food, fuel HENNAI: About nine months after an US ship, dubbed ‘floating […]

  • Non-lethal defence for merchant ships

    There’s more to ship defence than a man with a gun, suggests Lars H. Bergqvist. Opinion: In the debate regarding protection of vessels, it is very seldom mentioned that onboard a […]

  • Study on Somali anti-piracy initiatives

    South African firm looks at anti-piracy solutions. Specialist Maritime Security conducts study on Somali anti-piracy initiatives The Specialist Maritime Security study recruited specialists who had worked in Somalia for three years, […]

  • Nigeria: Troubled Waters?

    Nigerian policemen on board the tanker HISTRIA CORAL opened fire on a small boat… Troubled Waters? The use of Nigerian Navy and Police in Private Maritime Security Roles Dirk Steffen […]

  • The Japanese Ship Guarding Act

    Six months after the Japanese government green lit PMSCs, problems remain. Deciphering the Japanese Ship Guarding Act Written by Simon O. Williams Research Support Credited to Michitsuna Watanabe Over six […]

  • AdvanFort crew update

    They cannot leave until their company, AdvanFort, coughs up the cash. Arrested US ship crew enjoy captive vacation CHENNAI: For the 33 crew members of US ship M V Seaman […]

  • Container safety outweighs security

    When historians review what we call “modern times”, they will report that humankind felt safest in the 1990s. Container safety outweighs security By Mike Corkhill When future historians review what […]

  • Hotel bills threaten PMSC freedom

    Unpaid hotel bills pose new hurdle to freedom for AdvanFort operators. City hotel says crew of US ship owe 8 lakh Paul David A Chennai-based hotel has approached the Madurai […]

  • Aspida: Cowboys still prevalent

    Shipowners are still being hoodwinked when it comes to choosing a private maritime security company Aspida: Cowboys still prevalent among PMSCs Athens: Shipowners are still being hoodwinked when it comes […]

  • Maritime Security: Make the right choice

    The following article is an Opinion piece written by Rene Toomse, CEO of Aburgus Risk Management Maritime Security: Make the right choice An Aburgus team, having recently returned from a […]