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  • Justice Served

    Justice has been served to one of the pirates behind the 2009 hijacking of the Maersk Alabama. Abduwali Muse, of Somalia, was sentenced in New York to 34-years in federal […]

  • Game Changes

    There are concerns being voiced that Somali pirates now have the capability of reaching the coastal waters of other nations. Particularly at risk are the waters around Sri Lanka, down […]

  • Pointing The Finger

    Ecoterra, an organisation run by volunteers from in and outside Somalia, has become increasingly high profile as its piracy reporting  has become the mainstay of many a news source. Given the recent taking […]

  • Fishing Vessel Taken

    Somali pirates have captured a Yemeni fishing vessel off Socotra Island, according to EUNAVFOR. The Alfardous, which was carrying eight crew members of unknown nationalities, was seized last Sunday according […]

  • Loose Lips…

    There are growing concerns that the yacht Quest and the Americans onboard may have been specifically targeted. Before the attack a Somali pirate allegedly told an Associated Press reporter in […]

  • Yacht Peril

    The hijacking of the yacht Quest, and the taking of four Americans as hostage has once again raised the issue of yachting and pirates. NATO Shipping Centre advises yachts not […]

  • Almost A Call To Arms

    After much internal debate The International Chamber of Shipping (ICS) has arrived at a new stance on the use of private armed security guards to defend merchant ships against attacks by Somali […]

  • Russian Union Plea

    A seafarers’ union in Russia has called on the Russian president to take a proactive approach to piracy by initiating a United Nations (UN) resolution. In a letter to Dmitry […]

  • Tradewinds Exercise

    As the Royal Navy looks to scale down its Caribbean presence, the United States looks set to fill the void and is despatching nearly 500 military personnel, including a team from the Federal […]

  • SE Asian Surge

    There has been a surge in pirate activity around the Malaysian coast in the past week. Pirates have struck off the west coast of Sabah near Labuan island and made off with […]