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  • Five Point Plan

    The UN Security Council is reviewing a proposal from India for a UN-led naval operation to contain Somali pirates. There are also plans for a “sanitisation” of Somalia’s coastline through identified corridors and […]

  • Carry On Commandos

    The South Korean navy’s dramatic commando raid against Somali pirates is set to be retold as an action film, according to a Seoul movie producer. The Navy commandos rescued the Samho Jewelry and its […]

  • Neighbourly Approach

    South Korea is considering forging agreements with some neighboring countries of Somalia to seek their help in handling captured pirates, according to official sources. The move came after Seoul was unable […]

  • Italian Vessel Taken

    An Italian vessel has been pirated approximately 670 nautical miles east of Socotra Island in the Indian Ocean, the European Union Naval Force (EUNAVFOR) reported The oil tanker MV SAVINA […]

  • No Go Zone

    A top NATO official has warned teenage Dutch yachtswoman Laura Dekker not to attempt a transit via the Gulf of Aden, even in a convoy of vessels. The chief of staff at one […]

  • Island Pirates Captured

    A gang of 28 Somali pirates, apprehended close to the Lakshadweep Islands off south-west India, will be handed over to Mumbai police to be prosecuted under Indian law. Officials claim […]

  • Somali Slaying

    Somali pirates have shot and killed a Filipino seafarer according to a statement from Philippine Labor Secretary Rosalinda Dimapilis-Baldoz. She stated that pirates shot and killed Farolito Vallega, 48, on January […]

  • Execution Outrage

    The Round Table of international shipping associations has expressed a united front of outrage at the execution of a seafarer by Somali pirates. BIMCO, the International Chamber of Shipping, INTERCARGO, INTERTANKO […]

  • Good Cop, Bad Cop

    The difficult question of whether to use armed guards on ships is being aired often and at great length at the moment. While solutions like group transits, the IRTC and […]

  • Violent Escalation

    It was long held that the Somali pirates weren’t really violent – some even proffered a “Pirate Code of Conduct” as evidence that they wouldn’t hurt seafarers or damage vessels or cargoes. […]