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  • Evidence Stacks Up

    The past few months have seen a perceptible change in the approach of many shipping companies to the fight against piracy. A host of large companies are turning from unarmed […]

  • Robust Response

    South Korean navy commandos have raided the hijacked vessel “Samho Jewelry” which was in the control of a group of Somali pirates in the Indian Ocean. The attack reportedly resulted in the rescue of all the crew, […]

  • Shipowners Up In Arms

    Shipowners arm to fight piracy January 18, 2011 From Views and News from Norway . Norwegian shipowners are beginning to arm their vessels in an effort to fend off pirates […]

  • Counting The Cost

    A new report, compiled by US-based think-tank One Earth Future, has calculated that “maritime piracy is costing the international economy between $7 to $12 billion, per year.” The report notes […]

  • Strong Arm Tactics

    The tide maybe starting to turn as shipowners stiffen their resolve in the struggle with Somali pirates. Indeed it seems there is a definite trend towards increased resistance from many vessels […]

  • Record Breaking Figures

    Pirates claimed a record number of hostages at sea last year, with the vast majority of hijack incidents taking place off the coast of Somalia. The London-based International Maritime Bureau […]

  • China’s Military Advance

    Navy Intel Chief Discusses China’s Military Advances By Karen Parrish, American Forces Press Service WASHINGTON (NNS) — Though China has demonstrated its ability to field advanced military prototypes speedily, how […]

  • Offshore Patrol Vessels: The Combat Jack of All Naval Trades

    Offshore Patrol Vessels: The Combat Jack of All Naval Trades Courtesy of Defence Multi-mission naval vessels are logically the next evolutionary step for naval forces worldwide. Historically, however, it […]

  • Cost Of Piracy

    Piracy costs global economy $7-12 bln a year Peter Apps, Political Risk Correspondent for Reuters, covered the presentation of the Economic Costs of Maritime Piracy report today at London foreign […]

  • The Economic Costs of Maritime Piracy

    The Economic Costs of Maritime Piracy A One Earth Future Foundation Working Paper Project Team: Anna Bowden (Project Manager), Kaija Hurlburt, Charles Marts, Andrew Lee, Eamon Aloyo Executive Summary At […]