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  • “Hull Underwriters Moving Towards BMP Implementation as Part of Contract” – Giles Noakes of BIMCO

    Speaking on the 12th of October at the “Combating Piracy Week” conference in London, Giles Noakes of BIMCO indicated that hull underwriters were moving towards BMP implementation as a key […]

  • US Backs Multilateral Approach to Pacific Disputes

    US Defence Secretary Robert Gates has been outlining the Obama Administration’s position on the maritime disputes in the Pacific whilst visiting Vietnam this week. “Relying exclusively on bilateral relationships isn’t […]

  • Drivers for Change in US Counter-Piracy Strategy

    US strategists agree that Piracy off the coast of Somalia is an ever-shifting ball game. A recent US Government Accountability Office report into US initiatives in countering piracy has identified […]

  • Pirate Attack off Madagascar Is False Alarm; Threat Is Considered Real

    The southernmost pirate attack to date off the coast of East Africa was a false alarm but the threat of pirates extending their reach is more than palpable. With a […]

  • NATO and North Africa: Piracy Prevention and Prediction Conference

    Whilst piracy and armed robbery at sea is hardly a distinct problem for the Mediterranean (the IMB’s last recorded attack was off Corsica in 2008), the Mediterranean can be considered […]

  • Nigeria – Maritime Security, the Reality

    By: Stephen Phelps Introduction The surge in piracy against international shipping off the Horn of Africa and the Indian Ocean has focussed the attention of the World’s media, international bodies […]

  • Developing Alternatives to Piracy, the African Maritime Growth Initiative

    An interesting Foreign Affairs article: “Swapping Pirates for Commerce” , released on 4 October argues for a more holistic approach to African maritime security, with a drive for port development […]

  • Kenya: No More Pirate Prisoners

    Citing security concerns and a lack of promised international support, on 30 September Kenya’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs terminated the Memoranda of Understanding that outlined the prosecution of pirates in […]

  • EUNAVFOR Briefing 28/09/10

    In order to keep the shipping industry up to date with the ongoing EUNAVFOR mission off the coast of Somali, the latest anti-piracy briefing was recently held at the International […]

  • MSCs a viable alternative?

      By: Walter P. Verstrepen * “U.S. Admiral Mark Fitzgerald says commercial ships in the Gulf of Aden and Indian Ocean should carry armed guards to help defend against Somali […]