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  • Cyber Vigilance at Sea

    No examples of vessel systems hacked, however… Cyber Vigilance at Sea: The New Norm By Captain Andrew Kinsey The risk of cyber attacks on vessels at sea continues to be […]

  • New Information Warfare centre

    Not giving Russia and China the side eye. Nope. U.S. Navy Opens New Information Warfare Center The U.S. Navy has launched a new center for the development of information warfare […]

  • Port hacking threat

    Data protection event hears organisations must be ready for new EU rules in 2018 Hacking attacks on ports among new security threats, conference told Elaine Edwards There has been an […]

  • High Tech Pirates

    Pirates have gone high tech. Apparently… ‘Do you have an AK-47 and can you swim?’ By Padraig Belton, Technology of Business reporter “The first thing they ask you is if […]

  • Indian Navy hacked?

    Cyber security fears come home to roost. Hackers Attempt to Track Indian Aircraft Carriers In an announcement validating the concerns of the IACS, the U.S. Coast Guard and other organizations […]

  • The port cyber risk

    Port and Terminal security weaknesses. How Technology Is Boosting Risk Levels at Ports and Terminals By: Robert J. Bowman Without question, technology has been a boon to global trade. But […]

  • Bimco launches cyber guidelines

    Industry turns attention to new threats. Bimco launches new cybersecurity guidelines By Charlie Bartlett from London Bimco has launched a set of guidelines to help the shipping industry secure itself […]

  • Maritime Cyber Attacks: Changing Tides

    Shipping still behind the curve. Maritime Cyber Attacks: Changing Tides By Kate B. Belmont Front-page headlines revealing devastating cyber attacks on government agencies and the world’s largest companies have become […]

  • Cyber Security at Sea

    BIMCO to run two cyber sessions at conference. Cyber Security at Sea: Hack Atttacks on Commercial Ships by Joseph R. Fonseca BIMCO will focus on cyber security and how to […]

  • Shipping plans cyber guidelines

    Industry taking threat seriously. International Shipping Organisations Join Forces to Develop Cyber Security Guidelines for Shipping Press Release It has been announced today that the Round Table of international shipping […]