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  • Iran’s UAVs

    New risk for US Navy. Iran has found a new way to harass US warships, and it’s got the US Navy on edge CHRISTOPHER WOODY, RYAN PICKRELL It’s been more […]

  • Iran’s piracy patrols

    Countless invisible pirates slain… 56 Iranian Navy Fleets Dispatched To Far Seas Since 2007 Rukhshan Mir Iranian navy has dispatched 56 fleets to far seas since 2007 to protect the […]

  • IRGC antics in Gulf

    Region continues to simmer ahead of sanctions. Iran airs video of encounter with USS Theodore Roosevelt Iran’s national TV on Saturday broadcast footage of a close encounter between the Islamic […]

  • Iran flexes muscles

    Display not lost on watching America. Iran fired ballistic missile as part of naval exercise By LUIS MARTINEZ Iran fired a short range anti-ship missile last week as part of the […]

  • Iran threats continue

    War of words continues. Iran waiting for Leader order to block Strait of Hormuz: Comdr. Iran’s Navy Commander Rear Admiral Hossein Khanzadi, underlining that the Strait of Hormuz is a […]

  • Iran, US rattle sabres

    Hormuz continues to heat up Iran reportedly threatens ‘countermeasures’ if US blocks its oil exports Iran’s foreign ministry reportedly said it would implement countermeasures against the U.S. if it tries […]

  • Iran sends message

    Iran sends message meant for one global leader. Commander Says Naval Plan to Enhance Iran’s Ability to Counter Threats Commander of the Iranian Navy highlighted the benefits of a large-scale […]

  • Iran Navy heads out

    Looking forward to reports of battles with pirates… Iranian Fleet Begins Naval Mission The Iranian Navy’s 50th flotilla departed the country’s southern coasts on Tuesday morning for a routine mission […]

  • Iran’s piracy accusation

    Iran suggests Somali pirates are funded and equipped by ‘certain powers’. Seriously. Certain powers funding Somalia pirates to undermine Iran economy Iran’s Navy Commander Khanzadi deemed Somalia piracy as a […]

  • Iran allegedly repels pirates

    No official report on incident. Iran Naval Forces Repel Pirate Attack On Merchant Vessel in Gulf of Aden Iranian naval forces have repelled pirates who were attacking one of the […]