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  • Blue-Water Navies in the IOR

    What Indian and Chinese positions on their “blue-water” status says about strategy in the IOR. ‘Blue-Water’ Navies in the Indian Ocean Region By Abhijit Singh In India’s strategic institutes and think-tanks, […]

  • PLA naval escort fleet visits Hamburg

    Goodwill visits continue. PLA naval escort fleet visits Hamburg The 18th Chinese naval escort fleet arrived Monday in Hamburg for a goodwill visit to Germany. This is the second visit […]

  • Chinese sailors tour HMS Duncan

    Visit to UK sees tour of latest Type 45 destroyer. Chinese sailors tour Royal Navy’s newest warship Chinese sailors visiting Portsmouth have been treated to a tour of the Royal […]

  • China media cautiously optimistic over Japan ties

    Talks aimed to de-escalate potential incidents.  China media cautiously optimistic over Japan ties Papers are cautiously optimistic over better China-Japan ties after both countries held talks on maritime security. The […]

  • Why Taiwan needs submarines

    Country currently using ageing Dutch vessels. Why Taiwan needs submarines – Analysis By Dean Cheng In 2001, President George W. Bush’s Administration agreed to a major arms sale to Taiwan. […]

  • China, US holding joint drill

    Joint drills to improve military ties. China, US holding joint drill in South China China and the United States started a joint drill on Monday on humanitarian assistance and disaster […]

  • Portsmouth welcomes PLA Navy

    3 PLA Navy ships dock in UK. Portsmouth welcomes Chinese warships for week-long visit by ELLIE PILMOOR THREE Chinese ships were welcomed into Portsmouth to see relationships strengthen between China […]

  • Dealing with an assertive China

    The West needs to react to Chinese moves.  How the US Should Respond to Chinese Military Assertiveness in 2015 Samuel Ramani In his speech at the November 10, 2014 Asia-Pacific […]

  • China and Japan – maritime security talks

    Hopes talks will defuse tension. China and Japan ‘to hold maritime security talks’ The governments of Japan and China have agreed to resume talks as early as next week to […]

  • The undersea arms race

    Maritime spats ‘stirring undersea arms race’ Raul Dancel Territorial disputes in the East China Sea and South China Sea are fuelling a build-up in submarine fleets that can spark more […]