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  • Cable ties

    Sanctions highlight cable concerns. Spotlight falls on Russian threat to undersea cables BY MORGAN CHALFANT AND OLIVIA BEAVERS The Trump administration’s new sanctions on Russia are casting light on the threat posed to […]

  • Russia in Somaliland?

    Reports remain unconfirmed. Moscow to pen military base in Somaliland Mogadishu- Russia hopes to open a 1500-man naval base in the breakaway republic of Somaliland in the horn of Africa, […]

  • Russia looks to Navy

    The Russian Federation will not allow overwhelming superiority of foreign countries’ navies over its Navy, according to the Fundamentals of Russia’s State Naval Policy Through 2030 Russia looks to its […]

  • Russia’s Black Sea Fleet Buildup

    Russia is ambitiously pursuing its State Armaments Procurement Program. Russia’s Black Sea Fleet Buildup [By LT Alex Schneider] A Neglected Black Sea Fleet Since the collapse of the Soviet Union […]

  • Russian Navy sails by

    The group will join the Russian combat mission in war-torn Syria. Major Russian naval force sails to North Sea past Norway A Russian aircraft-carrier and other warships have reached waters […]

  • Sub accident sees sackings

    IRON-FISTED Russian President Vladimir Putin has fired his entire naval fleet’s officer class in the Baltic Sea amid concerns in the Kremlin that the fleet is was not following orders […]

  • Russian Sub in ISIS strikes

    Russian Navy joins anti-ISIS operations. Russia hits targets in Syria from Mediterranean submarine Russia says it has for the first time hit targets in Syria with missiles launched from a […]

  • Prioritizing Russia’s Navy Is Pointless

    West views it as ‘work in progress’. Prioritizing Russia’s Navy Is Pointless (Op-Ed) By Mark Galeotti As President Vladimir Putin joined the annual Navy Day celebrations in Kaliningrad on Sunday, and at the same time approved […]

  • Absent Putin ‘orders Arctic naval alert’

    56 warships primed for exercise. Absent Putin ‘orders Arctic naval alert’ President Vladimir Putin has put Russia’s navy on a state of full combat readiness in the Arctic as part […]

  • Russia, Cyprus Sign Military Port Deal

    Russian ships to dock in Cyprus. Russia, Cyprus Sign Military Port Deal Russian President Vladimir Putin and his Cypriot counterpart Nicos Anastasiades signed an agreement on Wednesday to give Russian […]