Dryad assists UK Chamber of Shipping

Programme aired as part of London International Shipping Week.

Dryad Maritime contribute expert risk analysis insight to UK Chamber of Shipping and ITN Productions programme ‘A Maritime Nation’.

Dryad Maritime have featured in a special programme ‘A Maritime Nation’ commissioned by the UK Chamber of Shipping, introduced by national newsreader Natasha Kaplinsky and produced by ITN Productions.

The current affairs programme aired this week as part of London International Shipping Week and looks at the role and value of shipping to the UK through interviews and sponsored editorials with some of the UK’s leading shipping companies. Dryad Maritime was one of 14 companies invited to participate in the programme.

The UK Chamber of Shipping asked Dryad to contribute to the section on Safety, Sustainability and Growth. In this episode, Dryad Maritime’s operations team share their experiences of supporting ships and mariners by providing clear, experienced guidance to help seafarers navigate the uncertainties faced at sea; from weather and geopolitical threats, to maritime crime and piracy.

Graeme Gibbon Brooks, CEO Dryad Maritime;

“Dryad Maritime provides world class risk analysis and maritime knowledge across operational, logistical, safety and intelligence domains and this special report puts our role into context set against the current state of the UK maritime sector. The programme is well timed to coincide with London International Shipping Week where experts from across the globe have come together to debate the pertinent issues raised by this programme relating to training and skills, world trade and sustainability”.

The programme was filmed at Dryad Maritime’s 24/7 operations headquarters in Portsmouth and includes interviews and expert insight from many of the operations team including CEO Graeme Gibbon Brooks, Chief Operating Officer Ian Millen, Regional Analyst Ken Johnson, Operations Planner Darren Kelly and Maritime Operations Coordinator Kevin Murphy.

To watch the section on ‘Safety, Sustainability and Growth’ featuring Dryad Maritime follow this vimeo link.

To watch the full programme visit our website via this link.

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