Control Risks

Key Threats to Maritime Supply Chains

Sebastian Villyn, Maritime Security Analyst at Control Risks, explains the importance of understanding the wide range of threats in the maritime environment and their potential

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Envoy expresses piracy concerns

Hijacking of Iranian dhow and attack on Thai longliner cause concern. UN Envoy for Somalia expresses concerns over recent rise in piracy acts BY WARKA

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oil theft

Nigeria: massive theft from oil pipe

Oil theft still the bane of Nigeria. Thieves steal $250m of Nigerian oil from one pipeline Thieves have stolen nearly $250m (£165m) of oil from

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China’s Military Gets Expeditionary

China, NATO Hold Anti-Piracy Drills

Exercises mark historic first for NATO and PLA Navy. China, NATO Hold First Joint Anti-Piracy Drills in Gulf of Aden Chinese and NATO naval forces

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AGMS controversy continues

Vessel authorized to carry 100 guns and 60,000 rounds had as many as 816 guns and over 200,000 rounds. Sri Lanka’s coalition govt in deep

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China Navy

China in Djibouti talks

China’s foothold in region to expand. China military in talks for logistics ‘facilities’ in Djibouti China’s military is in talks with the Horn of Africa

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Indo Navy warning for S. China Sea

Suggests Indonesian Navy needs to remain alert in case of “spillover”. Navy Warns of Potential Conflicts in South China Sea The condition in South China

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Nigerian navy kills 12 pirates

Nigeria, armed guards and red tape

Risk Intelligence updates its advice for using armed guards in West Africa. Use of Nigerian Navy for private security remains subject to severe restrictions Nigeria

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Somali Pirates

Is Piracy Making A Comeback?

Recent reports of attacks causing concern. Is Piracy Making A Comeback In The Somali Waters? By Kevin Mwanza Experts are warning that high sea piracy

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Philippines Warship

U.S. raises military aid to Philippines

China has overlapping claims with Vietnam, the Philippines, Malaysia, Taiwan and Brunei in the South China Sea. U.S. raises military aid to Philippines amid sea

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Push to free AdvanFort men

Men have been held for more than 760 days. Renewed bid to bring home ex-soldiers trapped in India The fiancée of a Scot detained in

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Iranian Navy

China Seeks Anti-piracy Training From Ir

Iran frequently reports ‘battles’ with pirates. China Seeks Anti-piracy Training From Iran China and many other nations have requested Iran to train their marine and

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Navy signs MOUs with 29 PMSCs

Navy claims to have streamlined operations of PMSCs. Nigerian Navy signs MOUs with 29 Private Maritime Security Companies Posted by ADELEYE.AJAYI The Chief of Naval

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Japan, Vietnam Improve Security Cooperation

Nigeria, Japan Boost Military Cooperatio

Nigeria and Japan have started plans to boost military cooperation with the aim of improving security in both nations.   Nigeria, Japan To Boost Military

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A 3D printed aircraft has successfully launched off the front of a Royal Navy warship and landed safely on a Dorset beach.

HMS Mersey provided the perfect platform for the University of Southampton to test out their SULSA unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV).

Weighing 3kg and measuring 1.5m the airframe was created on a 3D printer using laser sintered nylon and catapulted off HMS Mersey into the Wyke Regis Training Facility in Weymouth, before landing on Chesil Beach.

The flight, which covered roughly 500 metres, lasted less than few minutes but demonstrated the potential use of small lightweight UAVs, which can be easily launched at sea, in a maritime environment. The aircraft carried a small video camera to record its flight and Southampton researchers monitored the flight from their UAV control van with its on-board video-cameras.

Known as Project Triangle the capability demonstration was led by Southampton researchers, making use of the coastal patrol and fisheries protection ship.

Professor Andy Keane, from Engineering and the Environment at the University of Southampton, says: “The key to increased use of UAVs is the simple production of low cost and rugged airframes – we believe our pioneering use of 3D printed nylon has advanced design thinking in the UAV community worldwide.”

It was back in 2011 that University of Southampton engineers initially designed, and flew project SULSA, the world’s first entirely “printed” aircraft.

With a wingspan of nearly 1.5 metres, the UAV being trialled has a cruise speed of 50kts (58mph) but can fly almost silently.

The aircraft is printed in four major parts and can be assembled without the use of any tools.

Watching the demonstration was the Royal Navy’s Commander Maritime Capability (Aviation), Cdr Bow Wheaton. 

He said: “The Royal Navy’s Maritime Capability organisation is very interested in conceptual applications of unmanned and highly automated systems.

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Unmanned vessel used in drill

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UK defence cuts bite

As ministers consider the latest defence review, ...
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