Insight: the enabler of maritime security

Addressing this conundrum of maritime security.

Insight: the enabler of maritime security decision making

By David Reindorp, a faculty member at the Global Institute of Cyber, Intelligence & Security (GICIS), and Executive Director of Opportuna: Insight Consulting

Over the past five years, the concept and practice of maritime security has emerged into the mainstream of political thinking and industry practice. So much so that most vessels now possess a dedicated ship security officer, the UK has a National Maritime Security Strategy, and the G7 recently issued its first statement on the subject. All of these are new and novel.

Nevertheless, maritime security remains a challenge for policy makers to grasp and practitioners to deliver. The possible consequences of this are significant – navies have been accused of misunderstanding their purpose, governments of abrogating their responsibility, and shipping companies of failing to understand the consequences of their actions. So, why is this and how can maritime security decision makers ensure they consider all issues, generate viable strategies, and enable value-adding, future-aware behaviours from their practitioners?

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