Pakistan’s Sea Spark exercise underway

Exercise to involve navy and air force.

Pakistan Navy’s Sea Spark Exercises, Focusses Attention on Many an Important Aspect

Salahuddin Haider

AS PAKISTAN Navy’s major maritime exercise SEASPARK 2015 commenced in North Arabian Sea earlier this week, some remarkable facts came to light during press briefing Tuesday at Karachi which was chaired by Rear Admiral Kaleem Shaukat, Deputy Chief of Naval Staff (Operations). Earlier, opening brief of the exercise was also conducted at Karachi which was attended by Admiral Muhammad Zakaullah, Chief of the Naval Staff and other senior officers from Pakistan Navy, PAF and Pak Army Navy, somehow, ever since Pakistan’s creation was called a “silent service” which is nothing but a misnomer. Countries with powerful navies have ruled the world. Pakistan Navy’ role as custodian of country’s sea lanes, in war and peace ensures national sovereignty not only from enemy, casting an evil eye, but also for merchant shipping, which is of vital importance.

Instances, supporting this contention were far too many. The decisive attack on the Dwarka on 7th September 7, 1965, changed the course of the enemy attack on us. The Indian navy was blunted, and dared not launch a move against us.

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