Graduation day

Students celebrate time well spent.

Graduation Day for Maritime Security Professionals

On Wednesday the 13th April the latest cohort of maritime security professionals graduated from Coventry University with their Master of Arts (MA) in Maritime Security. The programme has been running for 3 years and attracts students from across the world such as personnel from International Navies, Coastguards, United Nations, IMO and of course Private Maritime Security Companies (PMSCs).

Maritime Security is one of the most dynamic and expanding sectors in the security industry with an impact on development efforts, insurance, international law, and global shipping. The programme which lasts a minimum of 12 months encompasses the headline issue of piracy alongside other security challenges such as trafficking by sea, illegal fishing, maritime counter terrorism and port security.

Jordan Wylie, a director at Sovereign Global UK who provide maritime training and logistics services (floating armouries) was was of the students who graduated and said the following.

“The MA in Maritime Security at Coventry that is lead by Dr James Malcom and Dr Ioannis Chapsos is at the forefront of research in this complex sector. For me it was important to understand some of the wider challenges we face in the maritime security industry, by understanding these it has helped me to provide better educated and informed decisions and solutions when working with my clients. The programme attracted some very experienced individuals, for example in my intake we had Naval Officers, senior managers from the IOM and the UN, the CEO of a PMSC and many more. I was very fortunate that the founders and my partners at Sovereign Global sponsored my studies for which I am extremely grateful. It was very important to them that Sovereign Global continue to invest in research and development to ensure we remain at the forefront of assisting sovereign states with their maritime security and capacity building programmes at sea. Overall my experience of the MA with Coventry was a tough but very rewarding year and I am delighted to highly recommend the programme to anyone looking to develop their knowledge and enhance their career prospects in this specialised field”.

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