Neptune, Port2Port Merge

PMSCs join forces in merger.

Port2Port and Neptune Maritime Security to merge

Port2Port Maritime Security and Neptune Maritime Security, two of the leading global maritime security risk management providers, announced today that they have agreed to merge. The combined group will provide significant scale and service advantages to the shipping and offshore industries, as well as improving the global reach of both companies.

The merger follows an extensive strategic evaluation process between both companies, where key areas such as operational capability, logistics and quality of service were carefully examined to ensure consistent and enhanced service for existing and new clients.

Andrew Varney, Managing Director of Port2Port said, “This merger is demonstrably positive progress for the maritime security sector, which sees two prolific risk management companies of similar DNA and a shared commitment to standards coming together for the tangible benefit of their respective clients. Both Neptune and Port2Port have worked extremely hard to develop robust, respected and credible services for the shipping and offshore industries. Consolidation within our industry is inevitable and necessary. Therefore, we took the view that a mature and forward thinking but commercially informed approach was required to remain competitive and ensure the highest service standards in what is still a very challenging global market.”

Port2Port and Neptune have now successfully delivered well in excess of 3000 armed transits in the Eastern HRA. Since its creation in 2009, Neptune was at the forefront of regulation and legislation in the maritime security domain, taking a leading role in the creation of the industry standard ISO PAS 28007. Both companies were involved in the pilot scheme as the standard was introduced. Port2Port has established itself as one of the few companies able to provide effective and legally compliant services in the Gulf of Guinea and West Africa. Port2Port and Neptune both provide a range of specialist risk management consultancy and training advisory services to our shipping and marine offshore client base.

Carl Sykes, Managing Director, Neptune, said, “Since inception in 2011, Port2Port Maritime has built a robust and highly capable maritime security business, and I am extremely pleased that we have agreed to combine the resources and vast experience of both companies. We view the merger of Port2Port and Neptune as an extremely positive and dynamic step, enabling a greater scope of service provision and global coverage. We remain committed to protecting the shipping, marine and offshore industries and providing a first class service to our clients.”

Both companies are working closely to ensure that this transition is managed compliantly and safely, ensuring continuity of service with increased efficiencies and economies of scale for all clients. Port2Port and Neptune are both certified to international, globally recognised standards and fully licensed by the UK Government.

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