The port cyber risk

Port and Terminal security weaknesses.

How Technology Is Boosting Risk Levels at Ports and Terminals

By: Robert J. Bowman

Without question, technology has been a boon to global trade. But it’s also responsible for raising the risk factor at every stage of the supply chain – and especially at ports and terminals.

Marine terminals have long been viewed as “the weak link” in international supply chains, according to Julien Horn, director of TTMS (Gulf) Ltd., the Middle East network partner of global transportation and logistics insurer TT Club. And it’s no surprise why: busy, sprawling ports are particularly vulnerable to theft, fire, labor disruptions, worker injuries, cargo damage and the effects of natural disasters.

Now, however, ports are faced with a whole new series of risks, related to the impact of technology. Start with the fact that ports and terminals are getting bigger, to match the new breed of gargantuan containerships, which require deeper water, longer berths, more yard space and better systems for transferring containers to trucks and trains.

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