Hijackers caught red handed

First hijacking of the year in S.E. Asia foiled.

Oil Tanker Hai Soon 12 Rescued After Hijack, Suspects Arrested Off Indonesia

IN the first hijack of an oil tanker in Southeast Asian waters in 2016, and since the hijack of MT Joaquim in Aug 2015, Cook Islands-flagged [ex-Kiribati-flagged] oil tanker, Hai Soon 12, was rescued by the Indonesian Navy, resulting in the arrest of nine suspected pirates.

On 8 May 16, the ReCAAP ISC received information on its mobile app from a shipping company about the loss of communications with one of their ships, a Kiribati-registered oil product tanker, Hai Soon 12. The shipping company had lost communications with Hai Soon 12 for about 12 hours and the ship did not respond to the company’s attempts to contact the ship.

Hai Soon 12, carrying 4,000 metric tons of Marine Gas Oil (MGO), had departed Singapore and was supposed to travel down via Sunda Straits to the Southern Ocean to conduct high seas bunkering / selling MGO to fishing vessels. However, the ship deviated from her planned route and travelled in a southeasterly direction towards Sulawesi instead.

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Source: oceanuslive.org

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