New EU Coast Guard mulled

The agency will not have its own guards, and will draw on a 1,500-member “rapid reaction pool” of personnel seconded by the member states.

EU Moves Toward Creation of Border and Coast Guard

On Tuesday night, the EU took one step closer towards forming an integrated European Border and Coast Guard, an empowered version of the bloc’s existing Frontex border agency. All 28 member states and the EU parliament reached tentative agreement on a border agency proposal from the European Commission.

A strengthened Frontex is a cornerstone of Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker’s policy objectives. In September, he said that “the other side of the coin to free movement is that we must work together more closely to manage our external borders. This is what our citizens expect. The Commission said it back in May, and I said it during my election campaign: We need to strengthen Frontex significantly and develop it into a fully operational European border and coast guard system.”

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