Benin’s anti-piracy fight

Gulf of Guinea still a dangerous place for seafarers.

Benin’s anti-piracy fight gives maritime nation ‘life insurance’


COTONOU, Benin, Nov 2 – The naval patrol boat Alibori braves high seas and rough weather to help prevent a repeat of that disastrous year 2011, when pirates carried out 21 attacks on shipping in Benin’s waters.

The oil-rich Gulf of Guinea waters on the west African coast from Senegal to Cameroon have the highest rate of piracy in the world, ranging from armed robbery and kidnapping for ransom to the hijacking of oil tankers.

Benin is a small country with scant resources, dwarfed by neighbouring top oil producer Nigeria. Around 80 percent of Benin’s budget comes from the port of Cotonou making maritime security crucial for the nation’s wealth.

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