Return to Sea Control

New thinking for the Navy?
The U.S. Navy’s Surface Force Strategy Return to Sea Control

We are entering a new age of Seapower. A quarter-century of global maritime dominance by the U.S. Navy is now being tested by the return of great power dynamics. The security interests of the United States and those of our allies are increasingly challenged by near-peer competitors, confrontational foreign governments, and well-armed non-state militant groups.

Our Navy must adjust to the changing security environment driven by the challenges of these state and non-state actors, who may not feel bound to the rules-based system of international norms that have shaped our world for the last 70 years. The past teaches us the dangers to a maritime nation’s security and prosperity when its navy fails to adapt to the challenges of a changing security environment. From Europe to Asia, history is replete with nations that rose to global power only to cede it back through lack of seapower, either over time or in decisive battle.

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