The maritime terror threat

The maritime terrorism question raises its head again.

With a threat from terrorists and pirates ever-present, are there choppy waters ahead for cruise ship security?

With the threat of terrorist groups like ISIS and pirates and the hundreds of millions of dollars invested in every cruise ship, a pertinent question to ask in this uncertain world is just ‘how safe and secure are these vessels?’ Tim Compston, Guest Features Writer at Security News Desk navigates his way around the challenges of cruise ship security.

Although it is true to say, from the perspective of terrorism or even piracy, that to date cruise ships have escaped relatively unscathed, the risk has certainly not gone away. In fact some security experts would argue – as terrorist groups like ISIS continue to change their modus operandi – the danger is higher than ever before: “What we are seeing is that ISIS is going for incidents that will maximise casualties, maximise the amount of publicity, and the sense of horror,” cautions Gerry Northwood OBE (pictured below right), Chief Operating Officer at MAST, the maritime security specialist.

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