Maritime cyber security

The recent NotPetya malware attack, which affected Maersk in the shipping sector as well as a large number of other firms, has served as a wake up call to the maritime industry. Cyber security isn’t something that just affects land-based businesses; it can have a major impact on maritime operations, too.

There are currently a number of organisations conducting research into preparedness and resilience in order to gain a better overall picture of the current level of security in the maritime industry.

Futurenautics Intelligence is currently undertaking the largest research project in the industry into maritime cyber security, combining the data from its bi-annual seafarer survey ‘Crew Connectivity 2017’ – which in 2015 had over 3,000 respondents – and client-commissioned research on cyber-security strategies. The resulting dataset will provide the most detailed and comprehensive information about the maritime cyber-landscape and will be made available free of charge. As part of this huge industry effort Futurenautics is seeking the views of maritime CSOs who are encouraged to complete the online survey here:

The questionnaire should take no longer than 10-15 minutes to complete and as with all Futurenautics surveys participants are guaranteed anonymity. We would be grateful if you would be prepared to give your time and expertise to enable the wider industry to understand and meet the challenges it and its seafarers face, and develop solutions to keep us all safe.


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